Hello, we're PHIG

The Patrick Henry Investment Group (PHIG) is an elite, student-led club that manages an $80,000 investment fund for Patrick Henry College. We equip students with real-world, hands-on investment and leadership experience. With us, both beginner and veteran student investors conduct rigorous equity research with guidance from alumni, financial professionals, and professors. Serving Economics and Business Analytics (EBA) majors at Patrick Henry College, we manage a portfolio of real publicly-traded companies and financial instruments. This makes PHIG a place where students can become careful financial stewards and effective leaders.

Our Purpose

To attract exceptional students into the EBA Program and develop them into faithful stewards of God’s resources. 

Our Mission

To equip EBA students with professional investing skills through hands-on experience in portfolio management. 

Our Vision

To cultivate a community of 100 EBA students managing a $10 million portfolio for the glory of God 

Our Philosophy

PHIG will engage in mid- to long-term investments, generally lasting more than one year, through a diversified portfolio of stocks and other asset classes. We believe that capital is a gift entrusted to us by the Lord and that it is vital our students understand how to steward their resources properly. As always, the book of Proverbs has a wise saying that directs us at PHIG:

Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it.

— Proverbs 13:11

Our Portfolio

No good investment can be made without all the critical information first being presented in a pitch. We have several pitches for you to download, as well as a condensed web version of the winning pitch to Nike (NKE).

Nike (NKE)

Everett Chew
James Dunning
Tyler Dunning

Spring 2022

Price as of 2/8/22:

  1. Proven track record of sales and profit growth.

  2. World-leading brand provides a durable competitive advantage.

  3. Shift to direct-to-consumer accelerates earnings growth.

  4. Recent price drop creates an attractive entry point.

Our Team

The PHIG Team is composed of the Executive Board, Senior Analysts, and Junior Analysts. Each member is integral to PHIG’s growth and development. The board oversees the club’s core commitments to People, Pitch, Process, and Portfolio, and the senior analysts lead teams of junior analysts to deliver pitches every semester.


Get Involved

Whether you are a new student who is keen to learn more about investing, or you are an experienced manager of capital, we’d love you to get involved. Though only EBA students at Patrick Henry College can train as Analysts, other students can still contribute and learn. We also want to meet interested PHC alumni, as well as others whom the LORD is moving to partner with us, either financially or by imparting lessons learned over the years.