Our Team

PHIG is a student-run investment club, so each member of the team is a current EBA student at Patrick Henry College. All of our current board members and senior analysts started out as junior analysts. They have been appointed for their willingness to take ownership of greater responsibility, initiative, and skill, through an interviewing process.

The team is composed of the Executive Board, Senior Analysts, and the Junior Analysts that they lead. 

Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for providing direction to PHIG, carrying out its Mission, and managing the portfolio. The Board consists of the President, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Research Officer, and Chief Operating Officer. 


Inge Washburn


Inge Washburn is the President of the Patrick Henry Investment Group. She joined the PHIG launch team as a freshman because she wanted to help students develop personally and professionally. This past summer, Inge worked at The Aerospace Corporation as a Financial Analyst for the Executive Team. Her role is to oversee PHIG at all levels: People, Pitch, and Portfolio, and ensure PHIG members are aligned with the strategy. Inge was also a member of the women’s soccer team, college chorale, and resident assistant. She enjoys reading theology and spending time with her family. Inge plans to work on a startup with PHIG alumni and teach advanced mathematics to high school students on the side.


Hunter Erickson

Chief Operating Officer

Hunter Erickson is the PHIG’s Chief Operating Officer. He believes that PHIG offers a unique opportunity to cultivate technical and leadership acumen through hands-on experience in real markets. His primary focuses have been developing leaders and crafting a dividend investment strategy for the fund. Hunter is also an aspiring real estate entrepreneur as an associate with Mission Property Advisors, California, and founder of Ascendant Aerial Photography, serving real estate professionals in Northern Virginia. Hunter’s internship experience includes SaaS venture capital, healthcare M&A, commercial real estate appraisal, and brokerage. In his free time, Hunter enjoys writing political commentary, fitness training, and various outdoor sports.



Ronen Wyrick

Chief Research Officer

Ronen, our Chief Research Officer, has been a PHIG member since his freshman year.  He loves the community aspects of the club and the technical and leadership development it makes available to students. This last year he interned at Patomak Global Partners, a consulting firm in Washington DC, and he looks forward to working as an investment banking summer analyst with Wells Fargo in 2024. In his free time, he enjoys skiing, running, and shooting.


Elijah Mendoza

Chief Financial Officer

Elijah Mendoza is the Chief Financial Officer of the Patrick Henry Investment Group. He joined PHIG in 2022 as a freshman to discover that there was so much to learn that he didn’t yet know about investing. This summer, he worked at Equestly, an e-commerce and app development startup. His role involves managing PHIG’s portfolio and reporting processes, including its website and newsletter. He enjoys teaching, racquet sports, and reading good old books in the public domain.

Senior Analysts

Senior Analysts are an integral part of PHIG’s leadership and are primarily responsible for leading a research team of analysts. Senior Analysts guide the development of their team’s investment pitches by updating members on current events, delegating research tasks, and providing oversight to analysts’ work. 


Joseph McDonald

Joseph McDonald is a Senior Analyst for the Patrick Henry Investment group; he joined PHIG as a freshman as an introduction to investing with the hope of developing a biblical understanding of stewardship as applied to the stock market. He is thrilled to now have the opportunity to perpetuate sound investing principles and sharp analytical skills in others, as well as provide a biblical basis for investing. In the Summer of 2023, Joseph interned with the city of Temecula as a Project manager and did freelance residential remodeling. Joseph plays for the Patrick Henry College soccer team and enjoys spending time at church, cooking, and various team sports.

William Storz

William Storz is a Senior Analyst who joined the Patrick Henry Investment group his freshman year. His favorite part of being a member of the PHIG team is learning the necessary skills to make wise financial decisions and having the opportunity to help others grow. Summer 2023, William was able to further hone his technical acumen as an intern at Raytheon, one of the world’s largest aerospace & defense contractors. In his spare time, William enjoys weight lifting, freshwater fishing, and managing his personal investment portfolio.


Nathan He

Nathan He is a Senior Analyst who joined PHIG as a freshman because of the people who constantly inspire him to challenge himself. He was initially drawn to PHIG because of the technical skills he could learn but he chose to stay because of the people. In his free time, he enjoys speaking Mandarin to Elijah and complimenting Ronen’s investment banking bro outfits. His life goal is to become like Reagan Van Belle.

Benjamin Spivey

Ben Spivey is a Senior Analyst for the Patrick Henry Investment Group. He joined PHIG as a freshman to learn more about business analysis and stock market investing and quickly discovered that PHIG is characterized by students with a unique commitment to excellence and a desire to help others pursue their goals. Spring of 2024, Ben interned at a Strategy and Compliance intern with Patomak Global Partners where he learned more about the financial regulatory environment. In his free time, Ben enjoys hiking and hunting in the Colorado backcountry, long-distance running, and reading classic literature.