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The Economics & Business Analytics (EBA) Program serves to extend the Mission of Patrick Henry College (PHC) into the world of economics and business. PHC created the Patrick Henry Investment Group (PHIG) within its EBA Program to provide students with real-world, hands-on investment and leadership experience. PHIG is a student-led organization that manages an investment fund, overseen by the Director of the EBA Program and owned by Patrick Henry College.

The Official Charter incorporates the best practices of 15 student-led investment funds from across the nation. The investment program, an educational instrument within the EBA Program, empowers students to participate in investment decisions, while tempering those decisions with the wisdom and experience of senior members, financial professionals serving as Investment Advisors, and the PHIG Program Director. Extensive market research conducted and presented by student teams under an Investment Advisor’s guidance will inform the group’s collective trading decisions. 

The core leadership of PHIG is found in its Executive Board and team of Senior Analysts, both made up of students who have a passion for investment analysis and an aptitude for leadership. The Executive Board provides direction, facilitates coordinated research, communicates investment results to the College Administration, and assists in the selection and training of future leadership to carry on the group’s legacy of stewardship.

The Purpose, Mission, and Vision of this program fosters a culture where students can learn to be financial stewards of God’s resources, equipped to be faithful and impactful in the marketplace.

Our Charter

PHIG’s foundation lies in our Charter. The Official Charter incorporates the best practices of 15 student-led investment funds from across the nation. 

Official Charter Front Cover

Our Team

The PHIG Team is composed of the Executive Board and Senior Analysts. Each member is integral to PHIG’s growth and development. For more information, such as position and individual biographies, please click the button below.